Builder's Logbook

N-8681H Lighter Than Air Aircraft
Model: Chairlift 1 - Serial Number: 2021LTA

These pages are amateur builder's logbook for US registered aircraft, N-8681H, a 38,000 square foot hot air balloon made in Spokane Valley, WA by S. Hughes. The basket and envelope are a unique, solid, red/yellow/orange AX-3 LTA aircraft.

To read all the manufacturing details about how the lighter than air aircraft was designed, fabricated, and inspected, click the links below.

Click Here for Basket Manufacturing Details
Click Here for Envelope Manufacturing Details
Click Here for FAA Inspection Day Photos

Instagram Posts
First Test Flight November 2022
Flyhiphotography at Winthrop Roundup 2023 Flyhiphotography at Winthrop Roundup 2023


The tremendous love given by the builder's family gave the spark needed to create the uplifting piece of art. The Builder is a blessed aviator to have their support as she follow her dreams.

The creation of Chairlift One was made possible by two years of mentoring and guidance from Forey Walter, owner of Avian Balloons in Spokane Valley, WA. Forey was kind and patient as the aircraft maker squeezed in building the balloon between family and work. 

Forey's 50 plus years of hot air balloon manufacturing experience gave the LTA maker the knowledge to design and create a new flying gadget. The experimental amateur builder is indebted to Forey for all the ballooning adventures he has made possible for her over the last 40 years. It's been a wonderful hobby of learning and high-flying adventures.

The buider is a member of the following organizations and found them to be fabulous resources and support during the making of the aircraft.
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Experimental Aircraft Association
Balloon Federation of America
Ninety-Nines - Intermountain Chapter
The Pacific Northwest Hot Air Ballooning Community